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  Queens Chronicle article Bowne House gets $125K more for repairs.  
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Boune House Historical Society Newsletter 2017


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National Parks Study Begins In Flushing
Queens Tribune

Members of the Queens Historical Society, the Quakers of NYC and the Bowne House Historical Society and others stood up to share their insights on ...



May 2017


Our neighbor, the Bowne Street Community Church, was recently awarded landmark designation by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. Bowne House was thrilled to learn of this news; described by the Historic District Council as "a shining star in Flushing", the church was originally built for the Dutch Reformed Church of Flushing, ca. 1842. Thus, it forms a link with Bowne House and the Flushing Friends Meeting House, to the area's Anglo-Dutch history.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Councilman Peter Koo of the 20th District, without whose support this designation would have been difficult to achieve. Councilman Koo serves as chair of the City Council Landmarks Committee. The church had been one of those buildings whose nomination had been pending for years; it was calendared for a hearing in 2003 but never advanced. Councilman Koo was successful in moving the designation forward.

The Bowne Street Community Church is built in the Romanesque Revival style, in red brick and incorporating terra cotta details. The church is known for its stained glass windows, which were designed by local resident and parishioner Agnes Fairchild Northrup, ( 1857-1953) who was one of the group of distinguished artists known as "the Tiffany Girls". The windows were produced in the nearby Corona factory of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Ms Northrup was inspired by the horticulture of Flushing, and one window depicts a scene in Kissena Park. Kissena Park had been the location of one of the Parsons' Nurseries.

Bowne Street Community Church >>
The Bowne Street Community Church is one of 30 sites to be selected as worthy of consideration for a landmark designation... we need your support!


Archival Assistance Fund Article

Archival Assistance Fund Article Bowne House New York

Grantees Announced in Second Round of Archival Funding...
Read Article in PDF >> Archival Assistance Fund Article Bowne House New York



Bowne House - New York Path Through History Event Saturday, June 20, 2015Bowne House - New York Path Through History.

On Saturday, June 20, 2015, Bowne House participated in the state-wide Path Through History event. This was our first collaboration with Path Through History; our neighbor, the nearby Flushing Friends Meeting House took part as well.


Bowne House NY

A microcosm of 300 years of social, cultural and political history, Bowne House (ca. 1661) is the oldest house in Queens and among the oldest in New York City.

It was built by John Bowne, who emigrated from England to Boston in 1649 and settled in Flushing, Queens, when New York was under Dutch Rule. His family prospered in America: the nine generations born and raised in the house produced businessmen, horticulturists, educators and politicians. Over the course of 300 years, the family left its mark on American culture, participating in events of both regional and national significance -starting with John Bowne's courageous defense of religious freedom in 1662, an act which established the principles later codified in the Bill of Rights.

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Bowne House has been a museum since 1947. Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, the Bowne House Historical Society's mission includes the preservation of the house, its contents and grounds for its historical and educational interest, for its significance to the history of New York and for its importance in the establishment in this country of the fundamental principles of freedom of conscience and religious liberty.


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Bowne House Historical Society's mission includes the preservation of the house, grounds and historical interest..
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In 1656, New Netherlands passed an Ordinance precluding public worship other than Dutch Reform.
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